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My Baby Spain Blog

April 27, 2010

Online Pregnancy Calculator

Hi all,

I’ve been neglecting the blog somewhat as I’ve been trying to focus on building the website, adding more content, information, tips and advice relevant to having a baby in Spain but I had to write about the pregnancy calculator that’s now on the site!

I have been searching for weeks now to find a decent enough pregnancy calculator that allows you to simply input the dates of your last period and allows you to estimate the potential due date of your baby. I hadn’t found one that quite fit the bill until this week and finally there is a fantastic online pregnancy calculator on the My Baby Spain website!

The easy to use calculator is a lot more comprehensive than many of the calculators I have seen on other sites and not only estimates the baby’s due date but also gives you an idea of the day you are most likely to conceive on during the month following your last period, the different trimester periods you can expect and if you input a certain date you can see how many weeks pregnant you will be at that point.

Another unique feature to the Baby Spain Fertility Calculator is the option to calculate conception. Having put in my birth date I have found that I was most likely conceived on July 23rd 1980! Euwww, I’m not sure I want to know what my parents were doing that day, I like to live in blissful ignorance thank you very much, I was brought by a stork don’t you know….. 😉