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January 8, 2014

How To Ensure Proper Safety When Using Convertible Seats

It is amazing to know that parents would sacrifice their welfare just to make sure that their kids are well-taken care of; perhaps, this is what you call sacrificial love. Having a child is truly a blessing that any parent should embrace. After all, not everybody has a chance to become one. With this, it is definitely a must to become mindful of the needs of your child so that he may feel your love even on the things that you provide him.

Among the most significant things that you should never forget to provide your child is the best convertible car seat. This is to make sure that he is well-taken care of and to guarantee his safety particularly when he is inside a moving vehicle. However, providing one is just the start, what is more critical is its use. Here are some of the most important things that you need to do to ensure proper safety when using the best convertible car seat.

Proper buckling of harness

One of the most important parts of the car seat is the harness. Without it, perhaps everything else is useless. You can just imagine your child being thrown off because he is not properly restrained. Aside from that, he could slip downwards and what makes this very difficult is that he may get injured when this happens. That is why; it is very crucial that you fasten and buckle your child well so that he can always be properly restrained to avoid injuries.

Proper installation

Without installing the car seat properly, rest assured, you can expect that your child will get hurt. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance that you install the seat into your car well. To make it easier for you, you can get a convertible seat that is easy to install and has a great LATCH system. This ensures that the connection between the seat and your car is strengthened.

Cushions and removable pads

Considering that a convertible car seat can be big particularly to smaller babies, the addition of removable cushions and pads is really great. This helps support the body of your baby particularly his back so that he will be saved from having injuries. However, when you feel like your child has grown bigger and could fit to the seat without using the removable pads, and then you need to make sure to permanently remove the pads so that he will be always comfortable.

Adjusting of headrest

The most vulnerable part of the body during a car crash is the head. That is why; it needs all the care it could get to ensure that your child may be free from injuries. Since a convertible seat is meant to grow with your child, it is equipped with an adjustable headrest to ensure that as your child grows taller, his head is properly in place and that he could lean his head properly.

Always ensure that these things are not taken lightly to guarantee your child’s safety all the time.

To get a safe car seat, please visit: best car seat reviews.

December 11, 2013

Educational App For Young Children In English And Spanish

Introducing Tap n Learn ABC,  Educational mobile application to teach alphabets to kids and preschoolers.

Tap n Learn ABC is available on google play store and apple itunes store.

Tap n Learn ABC makes learning the alphabet fast and fun. The app features real human pronunciation, realistic sounds and eye-catching animations for the ultimate alphabet learning experience.

Knowing the alphabet is one of the most essential things in life – with ABC for Kids, your child will enjoy learning the alphabet with stunning visuals and great examples. Learning the alphabet has never been so educational… or so much fun.

This educational app also includes sound clips of every letter being spoken – so that your child can pronounce the letter as well as memorizing it. Learning the alphabet has never been easier. Children of all ages will enjoy the simplicity and fun of the application, but they will also be learning a vital life skill whilst using it.

Let your child learn the alphabet, the modern way – with ABC for Kids.


- Learn the alphabet in English, French or Spanish.

- More than three pictures and sounds for every letter.

- Correct pronunciation of the letters.

- Fun and educational.

Download now

Tap n Learn Lite on play store

Tap n Learn Full on play store

Tap n Learn Full on iTunes


Visit the website  to know other wonderful applications.



September 12, 2013

Travel Safely With Your Child In A Convertible Car Seat

What is a Convertible car Seat?

A convertible seat is one that may be used for infants to face the rear of the vehicle, and for toddlers to face the front of the automobile. Convertible car seats have a 5-point harness engineered into the seat to secure the baby.

The weight limits for rear- and forward-facing vary greatly by seat model. Most convertible automobile seats enable rear-facing to a minimum of 30 pounds and every one enable forward-facing to a minimum of forty pounds. Some newer seat models enable forward-facing up to eighty pounds. The precise weight limits for every seat model square measure listed on the seat labels, typically found on the seat sides.

Convertible seats have 2 separate belt methods wherever the vehicle life belt or LATCH belt will be rib through the car seat. one in every of these methods is to be used once the seat is rear-facing, and also the different is to be used whereas forward-facing. a couple of automobile seats have a separate belt path for the LATCH belt. Check your seat manual and also the labels on the aspect of the seat to make certain you’re using the right belt path together with your convertible seat.

Thanks to higher rear-facing weight limits on convertible automobile seats, parents these days are able to keep their babies rear-facing to a minimum of 2 years. As a baby traveller safety technician, I like to recommend that parents keep their kid rear-facing to the limit required by their car seat.

The forward-facing weight limits on several convertible automobile seats has redoubled in recent years, too. I advise that parents should keep their kids on a controlled seat as long as possible before switch to a booster seat. Today there are lots of best convertible car seats, which make this an easier-than-ever choice.

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