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July 26, 2011

Get a SnoozeShade!

Come on, admit it – there have been times when you had to take the little one out in the buggy in the middle of the day when it’s been over 30 degrees and all you have is a sarong or a towel to shield your little one’s eyes from the sun whilst he sits in the buggy. As you drape your sarong over the buggy trying to make sure it’s also secure and not going to fall on the baby’s head at any given moment or blow away down the paseo you wish you had something more adequate. Something perfectly designed to tie on to your buggy that would not only ensure every part of your delicate baby’s skin was protected from the powerful rays of the sun but that also doubled up as a nice cool darkened area for him to sleep in.

You wish you had a SnoozeShade!

The SnoozeShade in action

SnoozeShade Spain

The SnoozeShade in action in Fuengirola

The SnoozeShade has been designed by a mum who was looking for a practical and simple way to allow her daughter to have a decent and restful nap whilst out and about. The SnoozeShade is basically a dark mesh material that has velcro ties to attach around parts of pretty much any buggy or pram and also has a zipped area at the front to allow you take a peek every now and then at your child to check they’re still comfortably enjoying their nap.

Sold as a “Sombra y Siesta” in Spain, the SnoozeShade is a fantastic idea and bit of kit to keep in the changing bag for your baby when out and about. I came across it not long ago and in perfect time for when I started to take my 10 week old son out in the stroller. I’m glad I didn’t have to bear those situations in which one parent is walking strategically in front of the buggy shielding their baby from the sun because the parasol only covers a small section of the buggy or when you find yourselves needing to cross the road to find a tiny bit of shade or only walking in one direction so that the sun stays behind you etc. etc. You only have to be out in the sun for such a short time in Spain before you start to get some colour and trying to keep young babies out of direct sunlight can be pretty difficult when out and about so the SnoozeShade goes a long way to helping you out as it also has a UPF50+ rating.

Washable, portable and a great price at 29,90€ (saving you extra money on over-priced sun creams in Spain!!) and a much needed product for all mums in Spain!

I’ve found the “Sombra y Siesta” to also be great around the house. If I’m doing housework and am moving about the house I put the little one in the stroller to wheel around with me and if he then falls asleep in it, rather than move him to his basket I just pull the SnoozeShade down and let him take his nap where he is.

Contact me to order our SnoozeShade asap: or find it in Mothercare in Spain, Babylove in Gibraltar and a few other stockists – get in touch to find your nearest stockist or post a note on the My Baby Spain Facebook wall & we’ll let you know asap.

July 11, 2011

Pilates on the Costa del Sol

If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise and keep fit and are based on the Costa del Sol, you may be interested in the Pilates classes offered by Pilates Para Ti!

Starting this week, Sophie Hoffman of Pilates Para Ti! has let us know that there is a new Pilates class being held each Saturday in Torreguadiaro at the Chambao Beach Bar from 11.30am. Right on the beach, under their umbrellas and just 5€ per class.

In addition to the beach classes, Sophie continues to run the Mum & Baby classes at the San Roque International School on Tuesdays from 11am and for the hot summer months the classes have moved into a large fully equipped air-conditioned classroom. You can also always arrange private classes for individual and group sessions, by arrangement.

If you want to know more, give Sophie a call on (+34) 600 214 977 or on or visit the Pilates Para Ti! Facebook page.

Pilates Costa del Sol

Pilates on the beach, Torreguadiaro, Costa del Sol


Pampers vs. Huggies

Pampers vs. Huggies. 2 of the biggest brands in nappies and a debate that will find most people sitting squarely on one side of the fence or the other. From everything I’ve read there seemed to never be any clear winner of this one and most mothers would always have a definite preference so now my little one is 7 weeks old I feel I’ve earned the right to pitch in with my own experience and to stake my claim in the Pampers patch!

As 2 of the leading brands I definitely expected there to be not much in it when it came to checking out which I, or should I say James, preferred. I never read anything that gave me any indication of one being better than the other and there was no obvious reason for one being the superior brand, nor was there a major enough difference in price to merit one being the more cost-effective brand and therefore winner of the debate etc. so towards the end of my pregnancy when we stocked up with a variety of nappy sizes from both Pampers and Huggies I didn’t expect to see much of a difference. But I certainly did and given the choice, would choose Pampers every time. At this juncture it may also be pertinent to point out that if you’re having a baby in Spain, Pampers nappies are branded as Dodot nappies over here so Dodot and Pampers are one and the same thing. Some places sell Pampers but most will sell Dodot and Huggies. (We buy our nappies cheaper from Amazon and have them shipped over for free separately and still manage to save money on the Spanish nappy prices.)

Pampers vs. Huggies – The Differences

The reasons I prefer Pampers over Huggies are as follows;

1) Pampers nappies have a softer feel to the outter nappy. They feel more like fabric whereas the Huggies nappies have a more artificial, scrapey, plasticky feel.

2) Pampers nappies have a totally different sticker bits. They are more like velcro than an actual sticker. The Huggies ones have a pretty decent sticker on them BUT this means that when you are trying to change a nappy in the middle of the night in darkness and have your wet wipes at the ready to the side, when you move the nappy away you are likely to get your wet wipes stuck to them and anything else that may also be laying nearby. You also run the risk of them sticking to your baby and/or also carrying the disposable changing mat away with them they are that sticky.

Pampers vs. Huggies

Huggies Size 2 - Check out the white sticky bits

Pampers vs. Huggies

Pampers Midi Size 3 - Check out the velcro-like yellow sticky bits

3) Pampers nappies are altogether “neater”. Check out the photos above and you’ll see what I mean, especially around the waist area. Clearly this may change with different size babies and so this particular plus point may only apply to James. Pampers nappies don’t hang down so low as the Huggies nappies do.

Huggies nappy

The courser feel of the Huggies nappy makes them hang down lower

Pampers vs. Huggies

Pampers are softer & neater & do not hang as low between the legs

4) Pampers nappies have a MUCH more flexible side section that stretches more easily from the back around the side of your baby and to the front. It is wider and much more stretchier with much more “give” in it than the Huggies nappies.

Huggies Nappies vs. Pampers Nappies

Huggies "side bit" - smaller, less flexible, not as stretchy

Pampers nappies

Pampers "side bit" - longer, stretchier, more flexible, softer

5) Pampers sticky bits are yellow. Huggies sticky bits are white. Again, when changing your baby in the middle of the night, this tiny bit of contrast against the nappy makes all the difference!

6) Pampers nappies have a softer sort of mesh inside the nappy and Huggies nappies do not. I’m not sure yet how much of a difference this makes to the soaking up of the contents but the mesh of the Pampers nappies definitely makes the inside of the nappy softer and if its softer to me, it’s most certainly going go be softer on young peachy butt cheeks.

Huggies nappy

Inside of a Huggies nappy

Inside a Pampers nappy

Inside of a Pampers nappy - check out the mesh

Pampers Win!

So this is it – a guide to the actual differences between Pampers and Huggies and the reasons I believe Pampers nappies are different and better. Both brands are good enough to perform their basic duties well and on that score, both do well but given the choice, I’d buy Pampers over Huggies. 

Alana x


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