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My Baby Spain Blog

July 14, 2010

What Will Your Baby’s Name Be?

I’ve just had a conversation with a friend of mine who is in the early stages of her pregnancy. As someone who is yet to have their first child I am not fully equipped with the information nor experience to ask any questions about the actual pregnancy or know whether there are certain “insider” questions that any prospective mother is dying to give you the answer to. I am sure there must be questions that would only be asked by someone who has already had at least one child and I simply have no idea what they’d be!

Isn’t the one thing we all want to ask is: Have you chosen a name yet?!

I have no idea whether this gives me away as a childless female and whether someone with child would instinctively know to ask a question with slightly more gravity than this but all the same, it may just be pure curiosity that leads me to ask this question first.

I want to know whether a mum to be in Spain will opt for a Spanish name or stick with an English name? Does an English name benefit the family back home when pronouncing the new baby’s name or will it mean the child has issues at the Spanish nursery they may go to when their Spanish friends then cannot pronounce their name? Will the Spanish call a child Santiago when in English it is James? Are there names which you may think sound ok in English but mean something a little odd in Spanish (Victoria and David Beckham should have possibly looked in to the name Cruz a little bit more perhaps…..)

So many questions!!

I for one have had a potential boy’s name in mind for quite a while and have already told all members of the family that no new male child can be born with this name as I have officially “taken” it. I have dibs on this name and that’s that. I don’t yet have a girls name yet though in backup.

Actually, that’s a lie….I did have one until my other half pointed out that the first 4 letters of the name spelled something which was perhaps not going to result in other kids being too kind to her. Slight oversight some may say….!

Anyhow, I am still waiting to hear about the potential names and in the near future I will hopefully be adding a Baby Names page to the My Baby Spain website covering all of the above questions….on which note I have just received the email with the list of names being drawn up…..7 out of the 8 are not bad…..

So if you have any input or advice then feel free to get in touch to see your answers added to the website or for any other information being a mum in Spain or prospective mum looking to move to Spain from elsewhere then email us on

July 13, 2010

My Baby Spain on LinkedIn

We’ve just added a new company profile up on LinkedIn and hope to be using it to build new connections and to create new relationships with any mums to be in Spain, existing mums in Spain or anyone with a business aimed at mums in Spain or those interested in knowing more about having a baby in Spain.

If you think you are one of the above then feel free to get in touch with us and follow our new company profile on LinkedIn.

You can also catch us on Twitter: @mybabyspain

My Baby Spain on LinkedIn

July 12, 2010

Online Marketing Costa del Sol

Online Marketing on the Costa del Sol is something that can help any and every site achieve maximum exposure and brand awareness online.

Working with a strong online marketing strategy can make all the difference to your traffic and subsequent lead generation and income earned from your website.

Online Marketing Costa del SolIndependent of where your business is based online marketing can transform your business. Here on the Costa del Sol there is a huge English speaking as well as international community and you may have a business that either targets solely Spanish speakers or all languages on the Costa del Sol. In both circumstances you will need to direct your online marketing efforts accordingly as local search can play a role in the results shown to your intended audience. You need to understand your target market to ensure your message is not wasted and directly reaches the intended people.

With an effective Costa del Sol online marketing campaign in place you can achieve a much more streamlined marketing campaign by cutting back on superfluous strategies and by channeling those methods by which you can identify the specific market you need to target and by reaching them without all the fuss.

MyBabySpain endeavours to share advice, information and tips on having a baby in Spain with a cost-effective Costa del Sol online marketing campaign. Ask us for more info on how you can achieve the same.

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