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August 20, 2015

Keeping Baby Cool in the Hot Weather

Endless days of sunshine is something we take for granted in Spain. Whilst the UK has to settle with summer thunderstorms, here in Spain it’s a cause for a social media storm if so much as a couple rain drops fall in the months of July or August. Shock horror! You’ll even see a few photos perhaps on Facebook of a slightly damp terrace tile perhaps!

So as the sun beats down it can often be a constant battle between enjoying some sunbathing and ensuring at the same time that your baby’s newborn skin doesn’t see so much of the same powerful sun. Keeping baby cool in the sometimes excessive heat is something to be very aware of in Spain as even a short time out in the sun can be dangerous for baby. During the height of summer it

How to keep baby cool

Paddling Pool

Always a winner for both Mummy and baby! Many paddling pools for babies and toddlers have integrated sun shades so make the most of the foot paddling opportunity for yourself too and start pumping up that pool.

Opt for light and loose clothing

If baby is to wear any clothes at all, opt for lighter colours that reflect heat back out better and ensure they are loose fitting and give baby space to move and breathe. Natural fibers like cotton are also more breathable fabrics. Remember that a thin layer of clothing will also help protect in the sun and will be better than exposing your baby to direct sunlight by being naked.

Keep Baby hydrated

Just as you enjoy frequent cold drinks in the summer, baby will enjoy them too. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, ensure baby is kept hydrated and offer milk more often than you would do in the colder weather to keep him topped up.

Avoid the most powerful sun

Staying out of direct sunlight during the most powerful sun hours of the day, 11am – 3pm. Sounds like a great excuse for a siesta!

Keep Baby in the shade whilst out and about

There is a massive range of sun shades these days that are often universal and can be used on a car seat as well as a buggy or pushchair. We often make use of our SnoozeShade in addition to a sun shade on the pram when we’re out on the paseo. Remember, you can put your sunglasses on and look away from the sun, baby won’t be able to do that so protect his skin and eyes by keeping it cool and dark. Bear in mind also that babies with lighter colour eyes will be even more sensitive to the brightness of the sun.

Keep it cool in the car seat

If your car seat makes baby’s head a little sweaty you may want to think about using a muslin or light cloth behind their head to help keep them cooler. You may have a thicker denim covering on your car seat and opting for a summer friendly cover may help baby travel better by keeping her cooler. This goes for the pram too.

Keep air circulating

Keep that air flowing with a fan but keep baby out of the direct flow of air.

Use an age appropriate sun screen

Babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out of the sun altogether and one they are old enough, opt for a sensitive an age-appropriate sun screen whenever you’re out and about.

Keep the bedroom cool

Keep the room that baby sleeps in cool by ensuring curtain are closed or shutters are down during the day. This will help avoid the room heating up during the day and attempt to keep it cool for nighttime.

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July 8, 2015

How To Keep Healthy While Pregnant

Have the food cravings hit you hard? ‘Eating for two’ your new catchphrase? Are you spending all your free time on the couch stuffing Cheeto’s into your mouth because, to heck with it, you’re pregnant, you can whatever you want!

If you answered yes to all of the above, we need to have a little chat.

While expectant mothers may be tempted to use pregnancy as the ultimate excuse to binge eat and fast from exercising, this behavior isn’t exactly healthy for you or your baby. Your first responsibility as a mother is to ensure your baby comes into this world healthy. Here’s a few key tips to keeping yourself and your little one in good shape.

Eat Well

It’s important to maintain a balanced ‘diet for two’. Although the fact is, you don’t need to be consuming any extra calories in the first six months of your pregnancy. And in your final three months, you only need to increase your calorie intact by 200 a day.

Proper nutrition is vital. Experts recommend plenty of good carbohydrates, five servings of fruit and vegetables daily, and plenty of protein from lean meets, beans, nuts or dairy products.

Many pregnant women develop food cravings and aversions during their first four months. If your aversions are making you gag at the sight of fish, for example, then you can supplement with fish oil capsules. Supplements and prenatal vitamins are not substitutes for a proper diet, but they can certainly help when you’re feeling too sick to eat.

It’s okay to give into food cravings. In fact, giving in might be the only way to keep your sanity. But you can’t go overboard. Perhaps a miniature candy bar as opposed to the king size? Or try soothing your desire for ice cream with low fat frozen yogurt.

Cut out caffeine and alcohol altogether. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may develop an aversion to it anyway.


You’re pregnant, not disabled. You can certainly get up and move around a bit. Regular exercise either at home or joining a training centre has been proven to build up strength and endurance in moms-to-be; which will be helpful in coping with the weight gained during pregnancy and the physical stress of labor.

Many doctors recommend taking up a routine of pelvic floor exercises. A sling of muscles at the base of your pelvis is your pelvic floor. It supports your bladder and vagina. The pressure pregnancy puts on these muscles weakens them, which can put you at risk of developing stress incontinence. Maintaining strong pelvic floor muscles through pelvic squeezes will help to reduce your risk for this, as well as assist in smoother birth.

Plus, keeping up a regular exercise routine— of possibly swimming, yoga, or brisk walking— will help you get back into shape later.

Maintain Contact with Your Doctors

Ladies, this is number one. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, contact your OBGYN or a midwife. Make sure to discuss organizing your antenatal care. Keep up regular visits, and please, do what the doctor tells you to.

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September 19, 2014

Lineable – Wearable Tracker Bracelet For Children

Every now and then you come across a product aimed at children or families and you think the idea is just genius and how could there have been such a gap in the market for so long. The latest find is a wearable tracking beacon for children known as Lineable.

Lineable wearable tracker bracelet

We’ve just returned from a week away in Cyprus and as any parent knows, you can never usually relax 100% in a new place with a small child as you’re always on alert to new places your little one might want to wander off to, or to new things they may want to look at. Our son is coming up to 3.5 years old and is a confident and friendly child who loves nothing more than approaching strangers and asking “What you doing?”. This question is usually aimed at any construction worker he may come across and he has even been known to open his car window to shout across a road asking a worker with a pneumatic drill what he was up to. So, suffice to say, I was a bit annoyed with myself when I realised I didn’t bring our own “holiday bracelet” we keep for him with his name and my contact details on for use when away.

The Lineable wearable tracker beacon bracelet is obviously a step up from a basic name bracelet and looks like an ordinary bracelet a child can wear that sends data via a server to your smartphone on a specific Lineable App allowing you to keep track of your child. If at any point you cannot find your child, you can simply click a report button on the Lineable app then the child’s bracelet will alert other app users who can then contact you directly when they find your child.

It comes with a battery that lasts up to a year and for $5 and with worldwide shipping from February next year, this handy additional element of family safety and security seems to be a no-brainer!

Lineable tracker bracelet

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